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High quality BAE batteries made in Berlin, Germany since 1899


If you need power you can rely on for your domestic or commercial applications, don’t look past BAE Batteries to provide you with uninterrupted operations and the maximum service life available.

In Australia, BAE has earned a reputation for supplying quality German built and engineered batteries for a diverse array of needs. These include RAPS, UPS, Emergency back-up, renewable energy storage for Stand-alone and hybrid grid connected systems. This is backed up by proven performance in the harshest environments around the globe.

R & J Batteries are proud to be the National distributor for the BAE tubular positive GEL range of products. BAE PVV and OPzV cells are available in amp hour sizes from 121Ah(C10) to 4710Ah(C100).  We can also offer wet and flat plate BAE cells if required.

BAE Batteries Overview
BAE Batteries for stationary
BAE Batteries for Renewable Energy

BAE Secura OPzV PVV Solar

70 Ah – 4940 Ah

BAE Secura PVV solar batteries don’t need to be refilled with water during the whole service life. Therefore, this battery type is maintenance-free. This eliminates checking of electrolyte level. The batteries are used to store electric energy in medium and large solar photovoltaic installations. Due to the robust tubular plate design, BAE PVV Batteries are excellently suited for highest requirements regarding cycling ability and long lifetime.

PVV Block Solar
PVV Cell Solar

BAE Secura OPzS PVS Solar

70 Ah – 4940 Ah

BAE Secura PVS solar batteries need only low maintenance and are used to store electrical energy in smaller solar photovoltaic installations. Due to the robust tubular plate design, BAE PVS batteries are excellently suited for highest requirements regarding cycling ability and long lifetime.

PVS Cell Solar
PVS Block Solar

From Sunset to Sunrise

The sun generates energy of 1012 GWh per year. Innovative technology enables us to enhance the use of this tremendous potential. Solar photovoltaic systems gain in importance for off-grid energy supply. During the time in which no sun is available, a reliable energy storage is essential.


Charging station in infrastructure


Radio and telecommunications, Cellular phone stations

Off-Grid Systems

Private consumer, Solar power plant

Traffic Technology

Regulating systems, Traffic lights, Emergency call stations

Information & Advertising

Illuminated posters, Rotary displays, Prism reverser

Back-up & Critical Power Solutions

Uninterrupted power supply

Illustration of an off-grid system

Isolation Chart

In an ideal system, the energy produced by your solar array is captured and stored in batteries for use later in the day. 

Construction of the BAE Panzerpol

The Panzerpol allows 16mm of post sliding whilst maintaining a 100% tight fit. This is brought about through the labyrinth post which is a great base for the plastic connection. A primer is used between the pole and the plastic is injection moulded onto the pole. The plastic coating gives tight contact between rubber rings which prevents acid creeping and allows easy sliding of the post up to 16mm. Positive plate growth is a natural effect of high charge rates and heavy cycling. This prevents the top cracking which causes premature failure of the cell.

  • Labyrinth at the lead post

  • Primer at the labyrinth avoids creeping acid

  • Sliding pole: plastic coated lead post provides perfect connection to the  rubber ring and enables easy and tight sliding of up to 16mm

  • Clean corrosion free post slides through the bushing of rubber ring and  plastic coating while keeping absolutely tight and leakage free

  • Polarity coloured covers

  • Service Ring for measurements from all sides

  • While keeping IP25 – protection

  • Brass or Copper inlay for low internal resistance

Examples of cells without panzerpol construction.

BAE Tubular Plate Design

The tubular plate design offers reliable safe and steady performance with stable capacity over the life of the cell. Designed for long cycle life with deep cycling. The BAE tubular grid casting uses antimony-free, lead-calcium-tin alloy which has very low corrosion characteristics and excellent endurance.

The dry-filling process with ‘red’ lead gives low plate deviations in tolerances and uniform filling of all the tubes which guarantees low mass shedding and positive active mass which has extensive contact with the conductive lead spines. The large internal surface area also gives stable capacity and high cycle life thus giving you years of reliable energy output.

Red Lead

  • Stable capacity
  • High purity
  • Dry filling per shaking
  • Consistent porosity
  • Constant quality checks
  • Very short weight tolerances
  • Lower acid density necessary
  • Large internal surface – high capacity
  • Consistent high-quality level

Woven Gauntlet

  • Strong repelling force
  • Edge protection
  • High cyclic behaviour
  • Stable capacity


  • Strong, thick, centred
  • Lead-calcium alloy
  • High cyclic behaviour
  • Low corrosion

About BAE

BAE Batteries GmbH is a medium-sized privately owned company with a long tradition of manufacturing lead-acid batteries. BAE has produced the highest quality batteries in Berlin since 1899. All the products are made according to the highest (environmental) standards and are DIN-certificated viz. DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

BAE is active worldwide and the core business is in the production and sales of stationary batteries for use in backup power solutions for Utilities, Telecommunication as well as UPS for industrial applications and had built a world-renowned reputation for Quality, Reliability and Innovation.

BAE has developed a strong market position as a supplier to the renewable energy sector. BAE batteries are well known for their high cycle-life and low maintenance operation, which make them especially suitable to the strongly growing off-grid PV-market. These well-respected qualities are exemplified by the impressive worldwide customer reference list.

BAE follows market developments and research trends closely, which is why we also strongly focus on cooperation with several university-level institutions. The cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin is an example of the innovative and future orientated strategy from  BAE.

In Australia, the BAE range has been used for various applications such as electrical storage for Renewable applications, Backup and Emergency power systems, UPS and various different applications. R & J Batteries are proud to be the national distributor for the BAE Gel range of products.

If you need power you can rely on for your domestic or commercial application, don’t look past BAE batteries to provide you with uninterrupted operations and the maximum service life available.

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The company BAE is certified in accordance with international quality and environmental standards. BAE products meet the highest quality requirements. BAE solar batteries fulfil national and international battery standards as given below:

BAESecura PVS Solar, BAESecura PVSM Solar, IEC 60896-11, IEC 61427:2005, BAESecura PVV Solar, BAESecura PVVM Solar, IEC 60896-21/-22, IEC 61427:2005

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