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Predator # 55B24LS-EHD is a premium quality, high-capacity Group 51R / NS60 SMF battery, custom designed to outperform and outlast in demanding commercial and high-performance automotive applications. Premium component selection including thicker, fully-framed positive and negative plates, silver-calcium chemistry, anti-sulphation additive and patented airtight inter-cell connections all combine to deliver unrivalled performance and durability in severe-service applications.


  • Thicker, stronger full-frame plates in Silver-Calcium-Tin alloy
  • Silver-Calcium Grids – highly resistant to heat and corrosion
  • Higher Tin content improves charge acceptance and cyclic durability
  • Anti-Sulphation additive – essential for long life in cyclic or seasonal use
  • Patented airtight inter-cell connections reduce self-discharge and prevent open circuits
  • Lowest water loss for improved durability and safety
  • End Hold-Down Ledges for Clark & John Deere applications
  • Ultra-high cranking power for high performance and diesel engines


Battery Type:Sealed Maintenance-Free
Capacity (Ah @20hr rate):60
Cold Cranking Amps -18°C, SAE:520
Cranking Amps @ 0°C, SAE:600
Reserve Capacity:92 Min.
Wet Battery Weight:14.1 Kg
Overall Dimensions:L 244 x W 127 x H 221
Container Material /Colour:Polypropylene / Black
Lid Type:Labyrinth SMF
Positive Plate Type:Full-Frame Silver-Calcium
Negative Plate Type: Full-Frame Lead-Calcium-Tin
Separator Type:Low-Resistance Microporous Envelope
Assembly Layout:0 (RH Positive)
Terminal Type:Standard SAE
BCI Group / JIS:51R / NS60LS

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