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2 November, 2020

R&J Batteries Opens 24th Branch in Tableland

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R&J Batteries Opens 24th Branch in Tablelands Tableland Batteries is Now Powered by a New National Name R&J Batteries is excited to announce the recent purchase of Tableland Batteries located just outside of Atherton, 90kms West of Cairns. The acquisition, which marks R&J Batteries’ 6th branch in Queensland and 24th branch since inception, enables the company to service communities in Far North Queensland with ease. R&J Batteries have had a long running association with Tableland Batteries founders Cameron and Jamie De Lai, who have become a wonderful customer with their extremely successful Auto Electrical and Battery business. Post the sale of Tablelands Batteries, Cameron will continue to focus on the auto electrical side of the business which will be operating under the new name of De Lai Auto Electrics & Airconditioning while Jamie will join the R&J Batteries Tablelands team in a sales and warehousing role. “I believe that there are plenty of opportunities to expand our wings and grow the R&J Batteries brand throughout the Tablelands region. We currently service this area weekly from the R&J Batteries Cairns warehouse. By taking over this business, it will allow us to further explore new opportunities into regions that we have not serviced in the past.” - said Ray Robson, Managing Director of R&J Batteries. Speaking of the new R&J Batteries Tablelands branch, Robson adds, “this is a very productive farming land and there are mining opportunities to be explored. We have a few roles [...]

28 September, 2020

Island Batteries Merges with the R&J Batteries Brand

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Island Batteries Merges with the R&J Batteries Brand Island Batteries is Now Powered by a New National Name It is with great pleasure we announce the merger of Island Batteries into the R&J Batteries brand from the 1st of October 2020. Since becoming a division of R&J Batteries in 2004, Island Batteries had continued to operate under its own name in Tasmania, Australia. From October onwards, Island Batteries Launceston and Hobart will be powered by the national R&J Batteries brand name. Established in 1997, Island Batteries is one of Tasmania’s largest battery importers and distributors. Operating from two convenient locations in Hobart and Launceston, Island Batteries services the entire state of Tasmania with battery and lubricants needs for all applications. "Island Batteries has become an iconic and trusted brand throughout Tasmania over the past 20 years but the timing is now right to become part of the parent company, R&J Batteries.” - Ray Robson, Managing Director of R&J Batteries The complexity of operating Island Batteries as a separate business has been increasingly difficult in recent times with substantial growth in the national sales market. By merging Island Batteries into the wider R&J Batteries network, our Tasmanian operations will benefit from all R&J Batteries promotional programs, advertising, marketing and sponsorship deals. While there is a transition in the brand name from Island Batteries to R&J Batteries, there will be no further changes to the staff, customers or products in Tasmania. R&J Batteries Launceston [...]

Getting Your Gear Spring Ready

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Getting Your Gear Spring Ready With Spring, comes a change in season and a good reason to check on the batteries in your outdoor equipment that may have been sitting dormant. This is usually the time of the year we plan to take our boats and other recreational vehicles out for a spin, but things are a lot different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on where you are in Australia and New Zealand, there may be restrictions preventing you from going ahead with your usual spring time activities but that doesn’t mean you should neglect caring for the batteries of your vehicles, machines and equipment. Routine maintenance is the key to ensuring these applications continue to run optimally so here are some tips from the battery experts at R&J Batteries to help you get started. Lawn Mower Now that the sun is shining, chances are the grass on your property has started growing at an alarming rate. You may have already sharpened the blades, changed the oil, cleaned the filters, stabilised the fuel and inflated the tires of your ride on mower prior but did you check or charge your battery while storing it in the shed for the winter months? The lack of use and harsh winter conditions have surely drained your lawn mower’s battery. Before you tend to your grass, ensure the battery is fully charged and that the terminal posts are free of dirt, corrosion and grime. Next winter, try [...]

25 August, 2020

R&J Batteries Partner with Edencraft International

2020-08-25T14:46:52+00:00August 25th, 2020|Uncategorized|

R&J Batteries Partner with Edencraft International We are proud to announce a new partnership with Edencraft International which sees the appointment of Delkor marine batteries as the preferred OEM battery supplier to Edencraft International. The world renowned reputation for reliability of Delkor Batteries, coupled with Edencraft’s commitment to using only premium quality components in the manufacturing of their boats, make this partnership a natural fit. The partnership also sees the full range of R&J Batteries’ Delkor marine and deep-cycle batteries available directly from Edencraft Marine retail showroom located in Moolap, Geelong. In addition to their outstanding reliability, Delkor marine batteries are also renowned for their high quality and extreme durability. Delkor marine batteries feature a range of benefits including patented Powerframe® plates for up to 66% improved durability. The quality of Delkor Batteries is further evidenced by their 14 consecutive wins at the prestigious Korean QA Awards for excellence in manufacturing quality. “R&J Batteries welcome Edencraft Marine as a strategic alliance partner and we look forward to many years of mutually beneficial trading together,” said Wayne Robson, Geelong branch manager at R&J Batteries. “Edencraft’s mission is to provide the world’s best trailer boat experience and this was at the forefront of our process when selecting a battery partner. R&J Batteries offer the most comprehensive, well-rounded package for our customers including product performance, warranty & after-sales service,” said Grant Maher, Director at Edencraft International. Established in 1988, Edencraft International manufactures premium quality trailer boats. It’s Australian manufacturing base is [...]

R&J Batteries Extends BJR Sponsorship

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R&J Batteries Extends BJR Sponsorship Nick Percat to Drive the Newly Signwritten #8 Commodore R&J Batteries has extended our sponsorship of Brad Jones Racing (BJR) for the entire Virgin Australia Supercars Championship 2020 season. We are super excited to join forces with BJR once again by taking the naming rights on Nick Percat’s #8 Holden Commodore. Our first sponsorship of BJR was at the recent Sydney SuperSprint event which saw Percat winning a race and Todd Hazelwood securing his first podium. It is the success of this initial sponsorship which prompted us to extend the sponsorship for the rest of the season. “It was an easy decision for R&J Batteries to step up the partnership with BJR after such a great event in Sydney,” said Ray Robson, Managing Director of R&J Batteries. “BJR has a tremendous track record in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. The chance to extend our relationship with Brad, Nick and the team is one we have jumped at. We are proud to be taking on the naming rights for Nick’s #8 car,” said Stuart Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer at R&J Batteries. R&J Batteries has taken an active interest in motorsports throughout the years. We have been involved with and sponsored at all levels from grassroots and junior levels to the Supercars Championship 2020. “We have the utmost respect for Brad and the team at BJR. We both have roots in regional Australia, but both compete at a national level [...]

29 July, 2020

Why Do Car Batteries Fail in Winter?

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Why Do Car Batteries Fail in Winter? Understanding the Effects of Weather on Batteries Winter is here which means your car battery might be struggling. Temperature plays a significant role in the performance of your vehicle’s battery. Most of us find it harder to get up and moving on a cold winter morning, and it is not much different for your car battery. The Life of a Car Battery Lead acid batteries have been used in motor vehicles for more than 100 years due to their reliability and reasonable cost. Inside your battery there are a large number of lead plates submerged in an electrolyte commonly known as battery acid.  Through a chemical reaction between the plates and the electrolyte, a lead acid battery can accept and store energy when the charging system is operating.  The charging system in many modern vehicles can be switched off by the Energy Management System some of the time to save fuel.  When this happens, the battery delivers energy power the vehicle.  If you drive a vehicle with Idle Stop Start (ISS) technology, your battery will power the vehicle when the engine stops, and will then also deliver the cranking power required to start the engine when required. Battery Failure in Winter Explained Batteries are like humans – they both rely on chemical reactions to make them function.  In High School we were taught that the speed of a chemical reaction slows down as it gets colder.  For [...]

R&J Batteries Sponsors BJR at the Sydney SuperSprint 2020

2020-08-04T14:43:01+00:00July 17th, 2020|Uncategorized|

R&J Batteries Sponsors BJR at the Sydney SuperSprint Todd Hazelwood to Drive the Newly Signwritten #14 Commodore At R&J Batteries, we love our motorsports which is why we’re excited to announce our latest sponsorship of Brand Jones Racing during this weekend’s Sydney Supersprint. Todd Hazelwood will be behind the wheels of the newly sign-written #14 Commodore as the team races for gold at Sydney Motorsport Park. “R&J Batteries has had a long association with motorsport,” said Ray Robson, Managing Director of R&J Batteries. “I’m excited about being involved with the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship with Brad and the team at BJR.” Robson further adds, “delivering an outstanding service each and every time is the key to our business, just like the expectation BJR has each time they’re on track. Just like BJR, I am proud that our business is located in a regional area. I am excited that R&J Batteries can play a small part in helping Brad and the whole team achieve yet more success on the race track.” R&J Batteries has taken an active interest in motorsports throughout the years. “Being associated with motorsport helps us align with many of our key markets. R&J Batteries has been involved with, and sponsored, motorsport for many years, at all levels from grassroots and junior levels right up to our long association with the Supercars Super 2 series. To be now involved with BJR and the Virgin Australia Supercars series is a very exciting step [...]

29 June, 2020

R&J Batteries Now in Bairnsdale

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R&J Batteries Now in Bairnsdale Wilsons Batteries and Lubes is Now Powered by a New National Name We are thrilled to announce that R&J Batteries has officially opened its 23rd store in Bairnsdale, Victoria. Those local to Bairnsdale may be familiar with the trusty team at Wilsons Batteries and Lubes who have passed their business on to us. This acquisition marks an important milestone for R&J Batteries as we are now able to service communities in the East Gippsland region of Victoria and provide power solutions for all applications. Our association with Wilsons Batteries and Lubes’ founders, Rob and Jacinta Wilson, goes back 12 years. Prior to establishing Wilsons Batteries and Lubes, R&J Batteries had supplied batteries and oil to their previous business, RWB Industrial. When Rob and Jacinta sold RWB Industrial and opened Wilsons Batteries and Lubes four years ago, they decided to retain batteries and oil in their product offering and add an extensive range of filters, cleaning products and other hospitality products to the product range. “Although Wilsons Batteries and Lubes now have a new name – R&J Batteries – the quality of products and service remains the same”, said Co-founder and Manager Director of R&J Batteries, Ray Robson. World class brands such as ACDelco, Delkor, Fullriver, Motobatt and Fuchs that were previously available at Wilsons Batteries and Lubes will continue to be available at R&J Batteries Bairnsdale along with other brands such as Predator, RELiON, Hardcore, U.S Battery and BAE. [...]

24 April, 2020

How Do I Care for My Vehicle During Self-Isolation?

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How Do I Care for My Vehicle During Self-Isolation? If you are planning for your time in self-isolation for COVID-19, one less concern can be how your vehicle will perform during and after this period of inactivity. During self-isolation, your car won’t be getting used much, if at all,  which can impact the health and performance of the vehicle, causing concern for when you need to use it. Let’s look at some of the steps you can take before, during and after self-isolation to ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and to avoid any future complications BEFORE SELF-ISOLATION Engine Oil Firstly, check your vehicle’s oil and top-up or change if necessary. If you are looking for a good quality engine oil that not only gives you good performance but also value for money, we recommend Fuchs lubricants. Fuel While you want to ensure your vehicle has a full tank of fuel, you also want to be careful when handling a fuel pump that has been touched by hundreds of other drivers before you. To reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, wear disposable gloves or use hand sanitiser before and after filling up your tank. As for payment, take advantage of the contactless payment options (pay at the pump itself or through a smartphone app) offered at many fuel stations across Australia and New Zealand. This is the best way to comply with social distancing rules & staying safe. Battery Your [...]

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