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Battery Applications

Automotive Batteries

Our automotive battery range includes all types, from accessible to sealed calcium and spiral AGM. Our highly evolved EFB and AGM batteries cater to all new vehicle technologies.

Commercial Batteries

Our commercial battery range is unrivalled, and includes accessible MF, Calcium SMF, and the dedicated Hardcore® Commercial range of ultra-high-capacity batteries for the latest US and European fleet requirements.

Deep-Cycle & Marine Batteries

Our quality range of cyclic & semi cyclic Calcium, AGM and Gel products offer an array of choice for any requirement, be they 240 Volt independence or auxiliary needs for your next big adventure.

Motorcycle Batteries

Our motorcycle battery range has been designed for more than performance; our batteries have been designed for the enthusiast! Featuring the latest AGM technology for a safer, hassle free, powerful ride.

Industrial Batteries

R&J Batteries Industrial Deep Cycle range including Flooded, VRLA, AGM & GEL technologies are the most reliable brands and products available for heavy cyclic applications and the Australian harsh conditions.

Lawn Mower, Golf Cart and Utility Batteries

Our range of lawn mower, golf cart and utility batteries are designed to keep you going for longer.

Solar, UPS & Back-up Power Batteries

Our range of solar, UPS and backup power batteries provide peace of mind for uninterrupted operations and maximum service life.

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