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Ready to Buy a Car Battery in Canberra? Find a Cheap, Quality Option with R&J and Recycle Your Old One

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Your Canberra car battery is an important part of your car. In addition to powering all your electronics and gadgets, without it your car won’t start. Therefore, it’s essential you check your car battery in Canberra on a regular basis. However, eventually the time will come when you need to replace your battery, so what do you do with the old one?

Do not Dispose of your Canberra Car Battery in Household Waste

You should never use your household waste for disposing of old car batteries. The components of the battery can never be recycled properly by doing that, and the contents of the battery can be harmful and very dangerous to those who might accidentally come into contact with it. Besides, the metals and plastics used in your old Canberra car battery can be used again, not only in new car batteries but in a broad range of other applications.

Companies like R&J, who specialise in all types and makes of Canberra car battery are members of the ABIA, which is an association that deals with the disposal and recycling of all batteries in Australia. You can be assured that by taking a used battery to a proper recycling point, your old battery will be recycled in the correct way. This is usually done by neutralising the acid and then removing all the plastic parts so that all that is left is the lead. Metal parts such as lead can then be removed too and reutilised.

Many used batteries are ground down and then separated. Most used car batteries in Canberra are dispatched to specialist plants that do this on an industrial scale. It’s certainly the most efficient way, and the safest way, to deal with old car batteries that typically contain many harmful elements. Compounds that make up car batteries are relatively rare, and the best course of action is to have them properly recycled.

Find a Specialist Dealer for Good Deals and Cheap Car Batteries in Canberra

You will find that just throwing away your old battery isn’t possible. Legislation in Australia forbids disposing of car batteries in landfill sites, for example. The metals and acid in a Canberra car battery can be very harmful to the environment, so it’s important to recycle your battery in the proper way. Companies like R&J batteries can recycle your old car battery in Canberra, so it would be a wise choice to go somewhere like that. Not only can you safely dispose of your old battery, but you can also buy a car battery in Canberra that will be an ideal replacement.

Of course, a specialist battery dealer will also be able to provide a range of new batteries, so you can buy a car battery in Canberra and have confidence that you are selecting the right one. You can also buy a cheap car battery in Canberra from R&J that has just the same quality as more expensive makes. As with all things, it’s best to talk to a professional when purchasing or selecting a new car battery in Canberra. It’s also just as important to discuss how to dispose of your old car battery.

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