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When You Buy a Cheap Car Battery in Geelong from R&J Batteries, Consider Recycling Your Old One

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At some point, you will need to replace your car battery. When you buy a car battery in Geelong at R&J Batteries, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of automotive batteries, we can help you recycle your old battery. There are many benefits to recycling your old battery and because of the toxic chemicals used in car batteries, only professionals should be involved. Old car batteries piling up in landfills around the country can do their fair share of damage to the environment. Placing a spent battery in your garage or basement is also hazardous as the cells can leak and cause damage to the surrounding area. Do your part to protect your family and the environment and recycle.

Why Recycle Your Car Battery?

A car battery contains toxic chemicals as well as a good deal of plastic. Most car batteries are lead-acid batteries. Lead, of course, is toxic to humans and the environment. Simply throwing away car batteries is not an option. The lead in car batteries can be recycled and used again to manufacture new car batteries. The acid inside the battery must be neutralised first to isolate the lead for removal. You should know that extracting lead from a lead-acid battery is rather easy. The lead can be reused without putting it through many elaborate processes. As a result, the recycling of lead from car batteries is very cost-effective.

How Your Car Battery Is Recycled

When you buy a car battery in Geelong from us at R&J Batteries, we will take your old battery and recycle it. We are a member of the Australian Battery Industry Association (ABIA) and as a member, we are responsible for the collection of used batteries. We send these batteries to a recycler where they are initially ground up into pieces. The plastics in the battery are separated from the other chemicals.

Once separated, the plastic pieces are cleaned and sent off to a plastic recycler. The recycler will turn these plastic pieces into pellets that will then be used to make new car batteries. The lead and any other chemicals form a paste that is eventually heated. The liquid lead is nearly pure and is poured into moulds. The purified lead is then shipped off and reused in the manufacture of new car batteries.

The Benefits of Recycling Your Car Battery

The biggest benefit of recycling car batteries is, as was mentioned, the impact on the environment. If left to sit in landfills, the toxic chemicals such as lead in car batteries can contaminate groundwater supplies. Recycling car batteries helps to prevent this from happening. Most car batteries are recycled these days. New car batteries contain anywhere from 60 to 80 percent recycled lead. When those batteries are spent, the recycling process continues.

Don’t Forget to Recycle When You Buy a Cheap Car Battery in Geelong at R&J Batteries

With nearly 20 years of expertise, our aim at R&J Batteries is to provide our customers with excellent products, professional advice, and outstanding service. We have an amazing selection of automotive batteries at our 16 different locations in the Geelong area. Visit us today or call us on 1300 769 282 for all of your car battery needs.

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