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Why Car Batteries Die—and Where to Buy Cheap, High-Quality Car Batteries in Newcastle

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A big part of car battery maintenance is keeping the battery itself in tip-top shape. Cleaning the battery terminals clean and well lubricated, keeping dirt and dust off the battery casing and keeping your car (and your battery) stored in a mild temperature area are all steps you can take to extend the life of your battery. Still, even if you do everything right, your battery can sometimes go dead.

If you’re wondering why your car battery died recently or are trying to avoid any behaviours that might lead to a dead battery, you’re in luck! Here at R&J Batteries—a top source for car batteries in Newcastle—we’ve compiled a list of reasons why your battery might lose its charge.

The Possible Causes of a Dead Car Battery

  • Leaving components on while the engine isn’t running: Probably the most common reason for a dead battery (and luckily, usually the least serious) is that one of the car’s components was left on while the engine wasn’t running. Usually, headlights or interior lights are the main culprits here, but radios, air conditioners, heaters and other components can also kill your battery. When the engine is running, your car’s alternator will charge the battery, making it possible for the battery to power every component of the vehicle. If you switch off the engine but leave the radio or heat running, though, those components are still drawing electricity—even though the battery isn’t charging. The result, often, is a discharged battery.
  • Not using the vehicle for an extended period of time: When you don’t use electronics for a long time, you’ll often come back to them to find that the battery charges have been depleted. The same holds true for automobiles. If your car has been parked in the driveway for six months, or if you left a vehicle in storage for the entire winter, then you will often find a dead battery when you go to use it again.
  • Cold weather: If you have a garage, park your car in it during the winter months. In mild winter weather, a car will usually be fine to sit outside. If the temperature gets extremely cold, though, numerous components of your vehicle could be damaged—including the battery.

How to Be Prepared for a Dead Car Battery, and Where to Shop for New Car Batteries in Newcastle

You can be ready for the possibility of a dead car battery by having jumper cables in your car, by having a few nearby friends (with vehicles of their own) who would be willing to give you a jump or by having a towing service or roadside assistance membership so you can call for help whenever you need it. You should also know where you can go to buy new car batteries in Newcastle—preferably for affordable prices—in case your car battery is beyond help.

At R&J Batteries, we offer a play for you to buy cheap car batteries in Newcastle, so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. We have been in operation for 19 years, operate in 16 locations (including Newcastle) and have helped countless drivers over the years. Should your car battery require a replacement, we can’t wait to offer you a helping hand, as well! Call us on 1300 769 282 or send us an email via to learn more.

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