24 April, 2020

How Do I Care for My Vehicle During Self-Isolation?

2020-04-28T13:44:47+00:00April 24th, 2020|Australia|

How Do I Care for My Vehicle During Self-Isolation? If you are planning for your time in self-isolation for COVID-19, one less concern can be how your vehicle will perform during and after this period of inactivity. During self-isolation, your car won’t be getting used much, if at all,  which can impact the health and performance of the vehicle, causing concern for when you need to use it. Let’s look at some of the steps you can take before, during and after self-isolation to ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and to avoid any future complications BEFORE SELF-ISOLATION Engine Oil Firstly, check your vehicle’s oil and top-up or change if necessary. If you are looking for a good quality engine oil that not only gives you good performance but also value for money, we recommend Fuchs lubricants. Fuel While you want to ensure your vehicle has a full tank of fuel, you also want to be careful when handling a fuel pump that has been touched by hundreds of other drivers before you. To reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, wear disposable gloves or use hand sanitiser before and after filling up your tank. As for payment, take advantage of the contactless payment options (pay at the pump itself or through a smartphone app) offered at many fuel stations across Australia and New Zealand. This is the best way to comply with social distancing rules & staying safe. Battery Your [...]

29 March, 2017

Delkor® Batteries brand refresh to be revealed at Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo

2017-05-24T14:02:59+00:00March 29th, 2017|Australia, Delkor, Expo, JCI, Melbourne, Powerframe, R & J Batteries|

Delkor® Batteries brand refresh to be revealed at Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo World-renowned for quality and performance, Johnson Controls and R & J Batteries will reveal Delkor® batteries brand refresh at the AAAA expo in Melbourne, April 6-8th “Delkor® Batteries evolved identity promises a more contemporary, compelling and dynamic look, reflecting the progressive nature of Johnson Controls and the Delkor® Batteries brand,” said Guy Locke, Country Manager Oceania Region, Johnson Controls Power Solutions. Delkor® welcomes a new era with an enhanced product range featuring innovative technology, performance and design. "The Delkor® brand stands for experience beyond reliability, constantly seeking ways to perform beyond customer expectations. It is trusted quality, delivering award-winning batteries year after year. It is dynamic innovation, always fulfilling the needs of customers while striving to transform the industry. By delivering on these promises, Delkor® batteries has built a reputation that is unsurpassed by the competition." “It’s an exciting time for us here at R&J Batteries. Delkor® is one of our premium brands, trusted by customers Australia-wide.  As the sole Australian distributor, we look forward to seeing the refreshed Delkor® batteries brand expand further into the market,” said Stuart Hamilton, General Manager, R & J Batteries.  “The enhanced product range offers increased performance, powered by a suite of patented features and technologies.” One such feature found in Delkor® batteries is Johnson Controls patented PowerFrame™ technology, providing superior cranking power with up to 70% better electrical flow. The PowerFrame™ grids are proven 66% [...]

12 October, 2016

5 October, 2012

16 August, 2012

R & J Appointed Distributor for Odyssey Batteries

2013-07-10T00:01:01+00:00August 16th, 2012|Australia, News, Odyssey, Partnership|

R & J Batteries are excited to announce that we have now been appointed as a distributor for the Odyssey range of high performance sealed batteries. Odyssey Batteries are the most advanced lead acid “dry cell” batteries currently available. Made in the USA and renowned around the world they employ both Pure Lead and Absorbed Glass Mat technology. If you’re after a superior fully sealed battery, contact nearest R & J Batteries store.

5 June, 2012

Delkor Silver Calcium Batteries in Australia

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Delkor has introduced into Australia their internationally renowned Silver Calcium range of starting/cranking batteries and R & J Batteries are the exclusive Australian agent. Having firmly established themselves as a manufacturer of superior quality automotive, commercial, marine and deep cycle batteries, the Silver Calcium range is a very welcome addition. Whilst Delkor batteries have a long standing reputation for outstanding performance and durability, the Silver Calcium range has been introduced so as to provide an alternative starting battery option for equipment working in severe conditions. The benefits of Silver Calcium Batteries include; • Up to 30 % more Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) than a comparable Calcium/Calcium battery • Stronger plates for better vibration resistance • Reduced amount of plate shedding and growth • Very low self-discharge rates • Longer service life than comparable Calcium/Calcium batteries • Improved performance in extreme temperatures • Sealed & Maintenance Free design • High Strength Polypropylene case • Patented leak proof Labyrinth cap • Backfire protection and spark arrestors • Built in Hydrometer (some models only) Applications covered by Delkor Silver Calcium Batteries includes, modern Australian and European vehicles, high performance autos and vehicles working in harsh enviroments The Delkor Silver Calcium range is distributed exclusive by R & J Batteries. With stores and distributors in all states R & J Batteries can distribute and support your Delkor Battery needs across the nation. For more information call 1300 769 282. Stockist and distributor enquiries welcome.

BAE & R & J Batteries in Australia

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After a recent review of their Australian operations BAE have formally appointed R & J Batteries as an official partner in Australia. R & J Batteries have been distributing BAE Gel Batteries for quite some time, but this formal appointment recognises the high regard that BAE hold R & J Batteries in, and the sales results that they have been able to generate thus far. The BAE Gel range of OPzV Cell (2 volt) and Block (12 volt) are the most advance solar/UPS style of cell/battery available on the market today. With many unique and patented features such as Red Lead, dry filled tubular plates, woven gauntlets, and the world first “Panzerpol” that protects cell damage from plate growth , BAE Gel cells and batteries offer you high performance, very long service life and true value for money. For more information on these truly outstanding products, contact your nearest R & J Batteries store today – 1300 769 282.

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