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Deep Cycle Batteries for Marine & Camper Vehicles Across Australia

R&J Batteries has a wide range of deep cycle batteries that are ideal for recreational campers, boats and other marine vehicles, built to last longer than your standard battery.

Our quality range of cyclic and semi cycle Calcium, AGM and Gel products offer an array of choice, be it 240 Volt independence or auxiliary needs for your next big adventure. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from our range of world class battery brands including ACDelco, Delkor, Predator, U.S. Battery, Optima and Relion.

Unsure? Calculate your deep cycle power requirements using our Deep Cycle Battery Calculator.

Designed and tested for use in marine and recreational camper vehicles, ACDelco batteries use wrought lead calcium grids, which are far more durable and stronger than conventional cast type grids. They also have thicker grids and over twice the active plate material of standard automotive batteries.

As a brand known for their pioneering innovation in the field of Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery design, ACDelco offers you the comfort of no leakage or spills, absolutely essential in any RV, camper vehicle or boating and marine environment. They also come complete with dual terminals for all those accessories, a built-in hydrometer and for added safety use a flame arrester system to prevent the chance of explosion from external sparks. You will also find convenient features to help manage your battery’s performance, including a built-in state-of-charge indicator and a labyrinth acid recirculation system.

This range is designed to assist your campers, boats, and marine vehicles in dealing with the toughest of environments across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and around the world, you can rest assured we have a model to suit your requirements.

Combining world renowned technology and quality, The Delkor range of maintenance free marine and deep cycle batteries offers the boating enthusiast a truly hassle-free battery for peace of mind. Being a dual-purpose battery, you get the best of both worlds – strong, reliable starting power combined with deep cycle ability to power any accessory load.

All Delkor deep cycle batteries are truly maintenance-free and include unique benefits, such as Powerframe® Grid Technology that creates stronger more reliable plates, high strength impact-resistance polypropylene casing and patented liquid/gas separators. Long life and excellent performance in extreme conditions are the hallmarks of the Delkor deep cycle battery range.

Predator deep cycle batteries are designed and built for applications where reliability is paramount. They utilise thicker, full-frame plates made from high purity lead-calcium alloy, with high tin content and added silver, making them ideal for ultimate deep cycle performance, particularly in extreme temperature environments.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Latest Ag-Ca silver-calcium technology
  • Thicker positive and negative power frame plates
  • Added silver
  • Highest heat resistance
  • Highest corrosion resistance
  • Enveloped separators prevent internal shorting
  • Anti-vibration glass mat positive plate wrap
  • Built to outlast and outperform in severe service applications

The U.S. Battery Company is an industry leader in manufacturing “true” deep cycle batteries. They have been designed specifically for electric golf cars, access equipment, boat & marine vehicles, RVs, solar power & other renewable energy machinery, sweepers, scrubbers, and many other deep cycle battery applications.

U.S. Battery company has been building flooded lead acid batteries for over 90 years and are 100% manufactured in the US, including the 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt deep cycle range. Built with XC Diamond plate technology, they are the best choice for applications where batteries are subjected to deep discharge and fast recharge on a regular basis.

By installing a Fullriver deep cycle AGM battery in your boat, RV, camper trailer or caravan, you can take battery watering off your maintenance list and focus on more important things, like relaxing. Fullriver deep cycle batteries are designed to provide consistent, reliable power to your accessories. Their proven track record has seen them become the industry benchmark for longer service life in deep cycle applications. Fullriver’s range of deep cycle GEL batteries are also maintenance free and require no servicing while providing you with unmatched quality.

When you’re in your boat out at sea or living on the road in your camper, you want reliable power that won’t slow you down. RELiON Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries offer lightweight, safe, high-power energy solutions for all types of marine and recreational vehicles including caravans, campers, golf trolleys, floor machines, aerial work platforms and more.

RELiON’s Deep Cycle LiFePO4 batteries are far more efficient than the alternative lead acid batteries, charging at nearly 100 percent efficiency. A RELiON lithium battery will be charged and have you arriving at your next destination before a lead acid battery would have even had time to charge.

Lithium’s efficiency is also helpful when storing solar power. Perhaps you’re trying to charge your battery before the sun goes down. With a LiFePO4 RV battery, you get the maximum amount of energy from your solar panels, so you have more than enough power by night-fall.

Choose From the World’s Most Powerful Marine and Deep Cycle Batteries

It’s an unfortunate statistic that many boat or RV owners buy truck batteries to power their vehicles assuming they will provide better value for money. Sourced from the world’s most reputable manufacturers, R&J Batteries’ deep cycle batteries are specifically designed to outperform and outlast conventional batteries in all camper vehicles, boating & marine applications, making them much cheaper in the long run. Our major branches in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney stock a huge range of DelkorACDelcoOptima and Predator deep cycle and marine batteries. In fact, no matter where you are in Australia there’s likely to be a R&J batteries deep cycle battery stockist nearby.

There are many different types of boats with a variety of different battery requirements, so it’s important to make sure you’re selecting a model that’s right for your vessel before you buy. The same goes for Motorhome batteries where each set up has different accessories, power loads and power lasting requirements. Ensure you have the right Deep-cycle batteries for your power requirements using our handy Deep-Cycle Battery Calculator.

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No matter where you’re located throughout Australia or New Zealand, whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart or Canberra, our distribution network has you covered. To get the right power for your boats, campers, and marine vehicles, visit your local store or distributor to find the ideal deep cycle battery, as well as a wide range of accessories for your marine or recreational vehicle today.

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