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Before You Buy a Cheap Car Battery in Dubbo, Understand the Importance of Battery Maintenance

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Are you finding that you need to replace your car battery in Dubbo every one to two years? While car batteries do have a calendar life, you should not need to replace them that often. Proper maintenance of your car battery can help to extend its life. At R&J Batteries, one of Australia’s largest battery distributors, we recommend that you follow these steps to get the most out of your car battery.

Inspect Your Car Battery Regularly

The easiest thing you can do to maintain your battery is to open your hood and look at it periodically. Inspect the terminal cable connections – these connections should be clean and tight. If you do experience battery problems, those issues are most often caused by dirty and loose connections. If there is corrosion present, you can remove the terminals and clean them with a wire brush. To prevent future corrosion, we recommended that you use an anti-corrosion spray, grease, or petroleum jelly to protect your battery and its terminal connections.

Batteries contain water, and if your battery has removable caps, you should check the water levels at least twice a year. The older the battery gets, the more often you should verify the water levels. When you buy a cheap car battery in Dubbo from R&J Batteries, checking the water levels will help you get the most out of the battery. Make sure not to overfill the battery cells as this can do more harm than good. Also, use only distilled water if you must fill any cells.

Invest in a Car Battery Charger

Your car battery will lose its charge level when the car is not in use. You may notice that if you do not use your car for several weeks, it may be difficult to start. This is due to the decreased charge level of the battery. In some cases, the battery may go completely dead. If you will not be using your car for an extended period of time such as when you go on vacation, you would be wise to attach a charger to it while you are gone. The charger will help to maintain an optimum charge level while the car is unused. This will contribute to extending the battery’s life.

Protect Against Extreme Temperature Changes

Whether you buy a cheap or more expensive car battery, you should protect it from extreme temperature changes. A simple car battery insulation kit can do the trick, and many newer cars even come with one. Apart from insulating the battery, you can also help maintain your car battery and extend its life by parking inside. If you have a garage at home, park your car inside all the time. If possible, do the same where you work and anywhere you travel. You should also lock your vehicle whenever you do park it. This will ensure that any electrical systems in the car will go to sleep. With the car unlocked, those systems will continue to drain power from the battery while the car is idle.

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