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Please Note: Data is subject to change without notice. R&J Batteries Pty Ltd exercise great care in the compilation of the data but bear no liability for any error or omission. Please confirm the correct application by calling your closest R&J Batteries Pty Ltd store or distributor – Call 1300 769 282.

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Competitive Deals on Quality Batteries for all Cars, Trucks and Industrial Machinery

Make sure only the top professionals are responsible for maintaining the heart of your vehicle. R&J Batteries are Australia’s leading suppliers of batteries, covering automotive, marine, deep-cycle, commercial, and industrial battery requirements. The ongoing success and continued growth of R&J Batteries can be attributed to our intense focus on providing all customers with the highest levels of quality, value, and personal service in everything we do.

Make sure that your battery requirements are being attended to by the industry experts, and that you’re getting the right battery for your vehicle, produced by proven, reputable manufacturers. It’s the safest way to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance from your battery and your vehicle.

Search our extensive range of batteries with the Car & Truck battery finder

Since our inception more than twenty years ago, R&J Batteries has grown rapidly, evolving into one of the major specialist battery supply companies in Australia today. We attribute our continued and ongoing success to our desire to be the very best in everything we do, from popular automotive batteries to the most specialised and niche market requirements, and custom-spec’ batteries for specific or low-volume applications, we do it all.

You can come to us for car, truck, tractor, marine, deep-cycle and industrial batteries, with a wide range of potent brands including ACDelcoDelkorHardcoreOdyssey and Optima. Our powerful and innovative online Battery Finder tool helps you match the best options for your car, including correct replacement batteries for newer model cars equipped with fuel-saving Idle-Stop-Start systems. Our comprehensive range of advanced-technology AGM and EFB batteries from Delkor and ACDelco meet or exceed OEM specification, giving you the utmost confidence that comes from knowing your replacement battery is optimised for your particular model.

We sell the longest-lasting, most reliable Commercial batteries

R&J Batteries have built a reputation for excellence, both in the manner of service and expertise to assist customers in finding the best solutions and in providing batteries of unmatched quality and performance for all commercial applications. We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best in battery technology from the most-respected manufacturers of commercial batteries worldwide.

R&J Batteries’ business philosophy is simple and effective – combine the highest levels of customer service with industry-leading expertise and product quality – happy customers become loyal customers and are our best form of advertising.

We have always looked to secure partnerships with the world’s best battery manufacturers, and we continue to work closely with our supply partners to ensure ours remain the best value for money batteries available – it’s how we stay at the forefront of the industry. Further testament to the quality of R&J Batteries’ product range is our incredibly low warranty claim rate which remains below 1% across all automotive categories over the past decade.

Contact our offices to discuss how we can give you a hand

R&J Batteries have established a vast distributor network throughout Australia, with solid representation in every state and territory. No matter where you are, there’s likely to be an R&J Batteries distributor nearby. Call our offices to find out, on 1300 769 282 – or send an email to rjbatt@rjbatt.com.au to ask about this or any other battery-related enquiries you may require assistance with.

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