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Predator Batteries

Established more than 44 years ago, our Korean manufacturer of Predator Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries has worked closely with R&J Batteries to develop one of the most advanced and reliable SMF Batteries available today. Produced in a brand new state of the art factory in South Korea, Predator batteries are a genuine heavy duty, maintenance-free battery.


Predator batteries are produced in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949. In addition the factory has the most stringent Quality Assurance process. We do not random-sample or batch test during production runs. Instead every single battery is tested for performance, resistance, leakage and capacity output prior to leaving the production line.


Predator batteries have the size and range to suit all popular automotive, commercial and marine applications. Refer to our model specification chart for more details.

Unique Features

Predator batteries are one of the best automotive batteries available due to many high quality features:-

  • Highest purity fine-grain lead – 99.99% lead is used in a multi-stage cold rolling process to create plates with significantly stronger grain structure and higher resistance to grid corrosion.
  • Lead-Calcium alloy – For both positive and negative plates, ensures minimal water loss, gassing and self-discharge rates to provide true maintenance-free operation and longer shelf-life.
  • Punched Grid – A computer-controlled punched grid process provides stronger, more uniform plates for maximum efficiency, enhanced cranking performance, durability and longevity.
  • Micro-fibre tissue – Predator SMF batteries have a unique micro-fibre scrim applied to all positive plates, to prevent shedding of paste and extend battery life by retaining active material on plate grids.
  • Enveloped Separators – Low-resistance envelope separators prevent short-circuit, reduce internal resistance and increase CCAs.
  • Polypropylene Case – High strength case with built-in moulded handle.
  • Magic Eye Hydrometer – to help gauge charge status of battery.
  • Centred cast-on straps – avoids weaker joins like soldering. More direct power path improves current flow for increased power delivery.
  • Lock-bonding – Anti-vibration lock-bonding glue applied to all cell groups, combines with centred cast-on straps for maximum cell-group strength and integrity.


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