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Solar, UPS and Backup Power Batteries

Our range of solar, UPS and backup power batteries provide peace of mind for uninterrupted operations and maximum service life.

Depending on your application and requirements you can choose from BAE and Fullriver

For more information on our BAE range contact Justin Skaines – bae@rjbatt.com.au

If you need power you can rely on for your domestic or commercial applications, don’t look past BAE Batteries to provide you with uninterrupted operations and the maximum service life available.

In Australia BAE has earned a reputation for supplying quality German built and engineered batteries for a diverse array of needs. These include RAPS, UPS, Emergency back-up, renewable energy storage for Stand-alone and hybrid grid connected systems. This is backed up by proven performance in the harshest environments around the globe.

R & J Batteries are proud to be the National distributor for the BAE tubular positive GEL range of products.

BAE PVV and OPzV cells are available in amp hour sizes from 121Ah(C10) to 4710Ah(C100).  We can also offer wet and flat plate BAE cells if required.

Our Deep-Cycle GEL batteries are maintenance-free and require no servicing, while providing you with the unmatched quality and power of Fullriver’s advanced deep cycle GEL battery technology.

Deep Cycle GEL batteries are suitable for boats, RV’s, solar & wind power, electric vehicles, electric golf cars, floor cleaning machines, aerial work platforms, remote monitoring, material handling and much more..

The HGL series valve-regulated lead acid batteries are designed with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology and for general application purpose, such as UPS, telecom, and electrical utilities.

HGL batteries are suitable for alarm systems, vending machines, toys, emergency lighting systems, medical equipment, electronic cash registers, UPS, power tools, control equipment and much more..

Both the DC and HGL series are safe for sea, air and ground transportation. Certified to meet a wide range of Australian and International government standards.

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