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ACDelco Batteries

ACDelco pioneered the use of lead-calcium battery plates in the early 1970s to create the world’s first mass-produced Maintenance-Free car battery. Today, more than forty years on, ACDelco continues to be at the forefront of battery innovation with new products including EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology for use in ISS – (Idle Stop-Start) systems designed to lower fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.
ACDelco produce batteries suitable for most automotive makes and models, heavy duty batteries for commercial applications and a complete range of marine and deep-cycle batteries.

ACDelco Advantage Warranty
ACDelco Premium Warranty
ACDelco Specifications


Stay in charge with ACDelco Batteries

The Premium Automotive range from ACDelco is designed and manufactured using the latest Lead Calcium Technology which improves resistance to corrosion and ensures a longer life cycle than conventional lead acid batteries.

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Advantage Flyer

ACDelco AGM Batteries (ISS Compatible)

Designed specially to handle the high demands placed on starting batteries by advanced vehicle systems.

  • High-Compression Absorbent Glass Mat Separators.
  • Over double cycle life compared to standard lead-acid
  • Over double charge-acceptance compared to standard lead-acid
  • High cranking power even at low state-of-charge
  • Sealed Maintenance-Free – won’t leak or spill, ever
  • Designed to meet strictest OEM replacement specifications
  • Highest resistance to vibration

ACDelco EFB Batteries (ISS Compatible)

Evolved from the proven Sealed Maintenance-Free range, our new EFB batteries are designed and manufactured to perform under the toughest conditions.

  • Ultra-high density plate material for high corrosion resistance
  • Lead-Calcium plates with higher tin content
  • Higher CCAs even at partial state of charge
  • Higher Reserve Capacity (to power accessories)
  • Improved rapid charge acceptance and cyclic ability

ACDelco Advantage Batteries

ACDelco Advantage Batteries feature an impact resistant plastic case for durability. They are Sealed Maintenance Free design with corrosion resistant terminals. Integral gas separators and flame arrestor vents prevent possible damage from outside sparks. Premium technology in the metal alloys, chemicals and design combine to ensure long life performance.

  • Overall terminal design minimizes acid leaks, seepage, corrosion and black post, which allows the terminal posts to stay clean and corrosion-free
  • Both positive and negative grids are Lead-Calcium alloy, maximizing corrosion resistance, increasing cycle life and reducing water consumption to improve battery durability
  • Premium alloys and high-density paste for improved performance
  • Envelope Separator design helps eliminate shorting and corrode through to improve reliability and battery life. Sealed on three sides, the ACDelco Advantage Batteries separators are shaped like an envelope made of polyvinyl chloride. The Envelope Separators are puncture-resistant with a back web rib design to allow good electrolyte diffusion between the plates while preventing them from touching each other. This also improves acid circulation, allowing the battery to remain cooler, extending battery life.
  • Manufactured with dozens of quality control checks to provide ACDelco quality


ACDelco Commercial batteries provide a combination of high CCAs and reserve power for reliable starting in a sealed maintenance-free (SMF) casing.
Commercial-grade plates made from lead-calcium-tin alloy combine with sealed labyrinth lids to ensure no maintenance or servicing is required for the life of the battery.

  • Totally maintenance-free
  • Commercial-grade plates
  • Special alloy (Pb-Ca-Sn) high-tin content
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Tough PE separators
  • Lock-bonded plate groups (anti-vibration)
  • Special plate grid supports (prevent shorting)


ACDelco Marine / Deep Cycle Batteries are designed and tested for use in demanding marine and recreational vehicle applications. They use expanded wrought lead calcium grids, which are far more durable and stronger than conventional (regular) cast type grids.

The ‘M’ Series is a dedicated cranking battery, which features high CCA performance and additional vibration proofing than standard automotive batteries. The “HCM” Series incorporates thicker plate grids and over twice the active plate material of standard automotive batteries; to tolerate these cyclic requirements.

  • Calcium / Lead
  • Sealed maintenance-free
  • Polypropylene case
  • Heat sealed covers
  • Built in flame arrestors
  • Wrought grid plates
  • Patented liquid gas separator
  • Built in hydrometer
  • Extremely high quality
  • Very low self discharge
Marine/ Deep-Cycle Brochure


ACDelco high performance, maintenance free mower & garden batteries offer numerous advantages over conventional batteries to provide you with the best value or money through longer battery life, better performance and hassle-free operation.

  • Lead Calcium wrought grids
  • Maintenance Free – fit and forget
  • Rugged and durable polypropylene case
  • Heat sealed gas to increase leak resistance
  • Spark & flame arrestors
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Built in handle
  • Lug terminals to suit most mower and stationary engine fitments

Find Amazing Prices from Australia’s Number 1 ACDelco Battery Distributor

A global leader with a strong heritage in the automotive replacement parts industry, ACDelco is an integral part of the R&J Batteries family. With a history in the automotive industry dating back to 1901, ACDelco have the experience and know-how to ensure you receive only the best. ACDelco’s Advantage range offers outstanding value for money, or choose the superior Premium range with three-year warranty* for proven long life and peace of mind reliability. ACDelco sealed maintenance-free batteries are available to suit all applications including car, truck, marine, RV and Idle-Stop-Start vehicles.

*three-year warranty applies to automotive starting batteries for private use (non-ISS vehicles) 

Harness the power of innovative design – ACDelco Automotive and Marine batteries

The true power of ACDelco batteries comes from their pioneering design wrought-lead calcium expanded grids. ACDelco introduced maintenance-free car batteries to the world in 1974, and continue to be at the forefront of Sealed Maintenance-free battery technology today. In contrast to cast lead-antimony grids found in conventional batteries, ACDelco’s wrought lead-calcium expanded grids benefit from increased corrosion resistance, improved charge retention and superior resilience to overcharging.

The advanced design guards these Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries against many other attrition factors which diminish the durability of other battery types: grid corrosion, gassing, water loss, thermal runaway and self-discharge.

ACDelco SMF batteries utilise fully-sealed covers with in-built flame arresters, reducing the dangers of electrolyte contamination and explosion. To prevent electrolyte losses, ACDelco have patented another internal innovation, a liquid-gas separator which prevents electrolyte from leaking, collects the liquid and returns it to the battery’s reservoir. 

Power your vehicle with an ACDelco battery for a price that won’t be beaten

ACDelco produce quality batteries designed to cater for a wide range of vehicles, and the vast array of models available through R&J Batteries can accommodate the unique requirements of specific cars, trucks and boats.

One modern constraint on car batteries is Idle-Stop-Start (ISS) technology, which imposes a different set of design and performance goals which conventional car batteries are simply not equipped to survive. ACDelco have introduced a range of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) which are designed to work with sensitive ISS systems for optimised vehicle performance, fuel savings and reduced emissions. For reliable performance use only EFB type batteries in vehicles with factory-installed EFB batteries. If in doubt please contact R&J Batteries for friendly, free advice.

Contact us to investigate deals on ACDelco

R&J Batteries have established and extensive network of authorised ACDelco stockists throughout NSW, Victoria, ACT, Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia.

For further advice or information on ACDelco batteries, contact an R&J Batteries store via our store finder page, or call R&J Batteries direct on 1300 769 282.

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