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Hardcore Batteries

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HardCore Batteries – Built tough to go the distance!

Australia has some of the harshest operating conditions for batteries found anywhere in the world. Long distances, big loads, huge temperature extremes and cycling demands that grow more and more each and every year. So when you’re on the job you want a commercial battery that you can rely on.

Hardcore Commercial Batteries have been specifically developed to withstand these sort of arduous demands that leave other ordinary commercial batteries flat. As a genuine dual-purpose battery, they can start just about any truck or commercial engine whilst providing greater cycle life which means power available over and over again, when and where you need it.

So you can be confident that when you turn the key or switch, you will have the power you need and the reliability you can trust!

Hardcore battery range

The Heavyweight in Commercial Batteries




  • Thicker plates last longer
  • Full-Frame retains active material on grid


  • Lowest water loss
  • Highest heat resistance
  • Highest corrosion resistance


  • Eliminates internal plate-shorting
  • Retains active material on plates in high mileage and high vibration applications

Battery Finder:

Any application requiring heavy duty, uncompromising batteries will benefit from a Hardcore Battery. 

Our Hardcore Commercial Battery range is suitable for; trucks, buses, coaches, tractos, harvesters, construction & earthmoving equipment, cranes, mining equipment and more.

Truck Batteries

Truck Batteries

Hardcore truck batteries

more lead = more life

When it comes to truck batteries, there’s still no substitute for high-purity lead, and lots of it.

As shown in the accompanying graph, Hardcore batteries are significantly heavier than our leading competitor’s truck battery range, without exception.

Hardcore battery plates are much thicker and heavier than industry average, and that equates to longer service life, especially in modern trucks with increased electrical loads.

HARDCORE – First choice for CPK-wise fleet operators

Truck Battery Weight Comparison

Truck weight comparison

Bus & Coach Batteries

Bus & Coach Batteries

Costly, time-consuming modifications are a thing of the past thanks to R & J’s comprehensive range of ‘exact-fit’ Hardcore batteries.

When it comes to bus and coach batteries, R & J Batteries has your entire fleet covered with correct size and specification for all brands of bus and coach from Europe, Asia, Australia and USA

Bus layouts

Agricultural Batteries

Agricultural Batteries

Hardcore – No.1 for range, cranking power and capacity in agricultural batteries.

In the past most agricultural machinery was just that – agricultural, basic. Batteries in these older tractors and harvesters were required to start the engine, nothing more. There was little if anything in the way of accessories apart from maybe a set of headlights.

Fast-forward to the 21st century and most modern farm machinery is fully-loaded with a host of electronic systems, creature comforts, monitors, computers and automated systems that previous generations of farmers could only dream of.

These improvements have made newer farm machinery far more efficient and productive, but have also changed the role of the battery from basic starting device, to vital power storage component of the entire electrical system.

Hardcore Agricultural batteries are at the forefront in introducing an entire new range of ultra-high capacity batteries to meet these increased demands, to ensure original equipment specifications can be maintained or even exceeded, ensuring OEM quality and reliability continues long after the original battery dies.

Mining & Severe Service Batteries

Mining & Severe Service Batteries

Commercial vehicles can be very hard on batteries – none more so than mining applications. 

Large and powerful machinery operating in the harshest of environments demand batteries of the highest quality and highest capacities to survive where ordinary batteries fail in short order.

The Hardcore Commercial Batteries range includes several sizes designed and built specifically for mining industry use, with several significant features and upgrades proven to deliver more power, more reliably, and for longer.

  • Thicker, stronger full frame plates made from lead-calcium alloy with high tin content and added silver
  • Taller plates with more surface area deliver increased cranking power and higher reserve capacity
  • Anti-vibration double lock-bonded elements
  • Large 3mm plate to busbar radius improves reliability and safety (reduced risk of explosion)
  • Silver-Calcium plate technology provides lowest water-loss, even in high-heat environments, further reducing risk of explosion
  • Diesel Genset models feature maintenance-free internals in serviceable casing to meet Worksafe guidelines
Construction & Earthmoving Batteries

Construction & Earthmoving Batteries

Hardcore Construction & Earthmoving batteries

Hardcore’s extensive range of commercial batteries provides coverage for all types of construction, road-making and earthmoving machinery.

From Bobcats to Bulldozers, from Access equipment to Road-Rollers, from Mini-Excavators right up to 1700hp, 40-tonne Loaders, Hardcore has the right battery to keep your machinery on the job longer, avoiding costly downtime.

Unique Hardcore Battery features including thicker, full-frame plates made from Silver-Calcium alloy with high-tin content, and anti-vibration measures including large-radius plate welds, double-insulated envelope separators with glass-mat lining, and lock-bonded plate elements using hot-melt glue all combine to deliver unbeatable reliability and longevity, no matter how harsh your operating environment.

Hardcore – the no-compromise approach to building better batteries. There really is a difference!

Hardcore Commercial Batteries are exclusively available from R&J Batteries and distributors across Australia and New Zealand. To learn more about Hardcore Batteries, or to find the right battery for your application contact the battery experts at R&J Batteries.

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