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Battery Watering System

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Pro-Fill Single-Point Battery Watering System


The Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System is specifically designed for use with “golf cart” style batteries commonly found in golf carts, sweepers, scrubbers, RVs, pallet jacks, and small solar systems. Based on the same technology as our industrial Millennium Plus+ valves, our Pro-Fill system is compatible with all of our Millennium water supplies. The Pro-Fill on-board battery watering system works by replacing the battery’s existing vent caps with valves that are interconnected with tubing, allowing the user to fill all cells of the battery from a single remote location. Each valve independently shuts off water flow to the cell when the proper electrolyte level is reached, allowing the batteries to be filled perfectly every time without having to look at the batteries.


Flow-Rite Brochure

Save Money

Labour costs are dramatically reduced with the Flow-Rite battery watering system. Use the Flow-Rite ROI Calculator here to see for yourself. After installing your Millennium Plus+ system, you will find other savings and benefits including; extended battery life, increased performance, cleaner floors, equipment and battery tops.

Save Time

Snap on/snap off water connections and fast filling turn the often ignored task of watering batteries into a quick, simple task allowing you to fill each battery in 30 seconds or less

Extend Life & Performance

A properly watered battery lasts longer and performs better. Overfilling a battery results in loss of acid, while charging with low electrolyte levels will result in permanent damage to the lead plates. Both will result in loss of capacity and life expectancy.


Fill batteries without having to remove the vent covers. Avoid battery acid burns, ruined clothing, and noxious fumes. Add optional flame arrestors to prevent ignition of flammable battery cell gases.

Pro-Fill Water Supplies


Hand pump



The hand pump water supply is perfect for the user who has 1 or 2 vehicles, (golf cart, pallet jack, etc.) and would like to use distilled water. To operate, simply connect the hand pump to your Pro-Fill system and place the other end in a gallon of distilled water. Begin to fill by squeezing the pump. When all of your batteries are filled, the bulb will become firm, not allowing you to add any more water.





As our most popular water supply, the Regulated Hose Supply provides an inexpensive option compared to pump operated units yet still allows for fast filling. Installation couldn’t be easier, simply attach to any garden hose bib.


  • No bulky components to mount
  • No valves to open or close
  • No waiting for drain back
  • No tools, just screw the hose onto a standard hose bib





Maximises battery life by removing dissolved solids that are present in tap water and can lead to shortened battery life. Economical, the separate bed deionizer uses an ion exchange cartridge filled with non-toxic synthetic resins to remove impurities from you tap water before it enters the battery.


  • Red / Green water quality light lets you know when cartridges need to be replaced.
  • The low-pressure bypass ensures that the deionizer will provide enough pressure and flow to operate you SPW system, even if you forget to change out an old cartridge
  • Mounting bracket has built in hose storage bracket
  • 20 foot supply hose
  • Cartridges can be discarded when replacement is necessary