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The Predator AGM range is a high quality, long life range of sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (VRLA). Valve-regulated means they are fully sealed with no chance of electrolyte loss from the casing or terminals. They stay clean, safe and corrosion-free.

The Predator AGM range has the added safety of a pressure relief valve in the rare event of inner pressure build up.

Having Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators, the Predator AGM range has lower internal resistance for greater efficiency and increased vibration protection, all encased in a high strength, durable ABS plastic case.

The Predator AGM range features 2 diverse types of AGM battery: the general-purpose & standby ES range, and the dedicated deep-cycle ED range

No electrolyte leakage from casing or terminals. Stays clean, corrosion-free

No need to check or add water. Efficient operation in any orientation except inverted.

Self-discharge rate is less than 1% per month @ 20˚C

Highly resistant to corrosion. Excellent deep-cycle recovery to full capacity

Designed to withstand elevated operating temperatures and maintain high battery cell compression essential for reliable operation in AGM batteries

Predator AGM Warranty
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ES RANGE – General Purpose & Stand-By 

The Predator ES range is a Multi-Purpose AGM battery. Ideal for stand-by or float applications, they are designed for everyday use, general and light cycling duties. With 6 volt and 12-volt sizes available from 1.3Ah up to 260Ah there is a Predator ES battery available to meet your general purpose or stand-by needs. 

  • NBN Internet panels
  • Alarm Systems
  • E-Scooters & Bikes
  • Electronic light displays
  • Automation systems
  • Vending Machines
  • Electronic Toys & Equipment
  • Emergency Lighting
  • UPS systems
  • Security Systems
  • Control Equipment

ED RANGE – Deep-Cycle

The Predator Deep Cycle range are true, dedicated Deep Cycle batteries. With all the features of the General-Purpose range but with thicker, stronger high-density plates designed to withstand repeated deep discharges.

When it comes to Deep Cycle applications, quality matters! Unlike other Deep Cycle manufacturers, we do not cut corners when making the Predator ED series of Deep Cycle batteries. Thicker plates, unique plate chemistry, rigid quality-control processes and some of the most advanced production facilities in Asia ensure the Predator ED Deep Cycle range is one of the best available.

  • RV & Caravans
  • Solar & Camping
  • 4WD Aux. Battery
  • Marine
  • Mobility
  • AWP
  • EV & Golf Cart
  • Floor Cleaners
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Portable Power

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