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Delkor Remain the World Leader in Battery Solutions

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A New Era for Delkor, Now Owned by Clarios


Since 2014 Delkor® Batteries have been a part of Johnson Controls Power Solutions, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries. Earlier this year, Johnson Controls Power Solutions became Clarios, a new company in its own right. With more than 16,000 employees, 56 facilities worldwide and 130 years of expertise, Clarios remain the world leader in energy storage solutions and are still dedicated to providing the Australian market with advanced battery technology. Clarios will continue to build on its leading position in vehicle battery technologies, providing the same high-quality products and services, while exploring ways to meet the energy storage needs of tomorrow.

“At Clarios our vision is to power progress by creating the world’s smartest energy storage solutions that benefit people, business, and the planet,” said Joe Walicki, president, Clarios. “As a global leader with a product used in virtually every vehicle from conventional to fully electric, we are well positioned to capitalize on market trends, including a move toward more electrified and autonomous vehicles which are elevating the critical role of the battery and accelerating the need for more advanced batteries. Under Brookfield’s ownership, we can better capitalize on these growing trends and operate with more focus and efficiency.”

Over the past two decades, we have built a long-standing relationship with the Delkor brand based on mutual respect, commitment and shared vision. Today R&J Batteries are the sole distributor of Delkor Batteries throughout Australia and New Zealand, we work closely with Delkor Batteries to understand customers’ demands and evolving technology requirements to find battery solutions for a varied range of vehicles. Delkor Batteries’ rich history and long-standing partnerships will remain unchanged as they continue to provide the highest quality products and services to the Australian and New Zealand markets.


Delkor product ranges will continue to be manufactured in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Korea, meeting the highest global environmental, health and safety requirements. Recognised for their award-winning quality for 13 consecutive years on the Korean Excellence Quality Standards Index as the number one in the automotive battery category for the highest performance, durability and consistent quality.

The future of Delkor Batteries is bright, as they continue to answer the call of the increasing demands of an expanding mobility marketplace requiring a proven, reliable energy storage solutions dedicated to “powering today, into tomorrow.”


In addition, with the growing shift toward more autonomous vehicles, advanced safety features will become even more critical. Clarios will be investing in the people, process and technologies to help meet these growing demands and power even greater mobility and connectivity in the future.


Clarios will build on decades of leadership in the circular economy where it designs, builds, recovers and recycles batteries to help create a more efficient and sustainable approach to energy storage.


Formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions, Clarios is a global leader in advanced energy storage solutions, powering one third of the world’s vehicles.


Striving for smarter solutions to make lives, business and our planet better. With their manufacturing and distribution portfolio of evolving battery technologies covering almost every type of vehicle, delivering uniquely sustainable, next-generation performance, with added reliability, safety and comfort. Adding value to each and every link of the supply chain, contributing to the progress of the community and the planet.


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