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Australian Road Trip Tips

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Australian Road Trip Tips

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Australia and we think the best way to cover our Great Southern Land is with some iconic road trips.

Before you hit the road on your next adventure check out our basic travel tips to make for the safest and most enjoyable journey!

Australian Road trip tips

1. Battery Maintenance

  • Visually inspect battery for bulges, cracks & leaks.
  • In low maintenance batteries, check for corrosion build up around terminals and electrolyte levels.
  • In Maintenance free batteries check the colour of the built-in Hydrometer/ State-Of-Charge indicator
    • Green is good
    • Black, clear or red indicate potential problems which should be investigated


For complete confidence visit R&J Batteries for expert advice or a free battery test


2. General Maintenance

  • Check oil and coolant levels, top these up if necessary. Ask R&J Batteries for advice on finding the right oil or coolant for your vehicle.
  • Check your car’s scheduled service sticker. If this is close to due, book a service.
  • If you have any concerns, contact your mechanic for service and a safety check
Road trip tips for battery

3. Tyres


4. Towing

  • Towing a trailer (caravans, boats, horse floats, mobile machinery) changes a vehicle’s performance, including slower acceleration and stopping
  • Wind, passing vehicles and road surface can all affect the stability of a vehicle
  • Focus on your surroundings, change driving techniques to accommodate
Battery tips on road

5. Luggage & Packing

  • Properly secure all luggage, to avoid it becoming projectile in the event of sudden breaking.
  • Locate and pack your spare key


6. Preparation

  • Plan your trip and map out your route
  • Leave enough time to take regular breaks
  • Get a couple of good night sleep before you head off


7. Accessories & Gadgets

  • Avoid charging gadgets like phones and GPS when the vehicles’ ignition is turned off
  • Don’t run accessories like lights and radio with the ignition switched off
  • Ensure you have the correct battery to power all your electrical requirements. A higher electrical load might require an additional Deep-Cycle battery. Use our Deep-Cycle Battery Calculator or talk to our experts for advice.
  • Jump Starters get you back up and running if you drain your battery. They are available at R&J Batteries stores.
  • Check your battery’s heath with R&J Batteries Free Battery test. Our free battery tests ensure your battery is delivering sufficient cranking power.

8. Fatigue and breaks

  • It’s recommended you have a break every two hours
  • Pullover for a powernap as soon as you feel tired or fatigued.
  • Where possible share the driving
  • Avoid driving when you would normally be asleep.


9. Entertainment

  • Don’t use mobile phones and avoid using gadgets while driving,
  • Avoid distractions by keeping passengers occupied

We have your entertainment sorted, download our playlist or our Car Cricket rules & score sheet:


Car cricket rules Road trip playlist