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Delkor AGM Batteries for Prestige, Performance and Start-Stop vehicles

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The quest for lower vehicle emissions and improved fuel economy has led to a significant increase in the number of vehicles utilising Start-Stop or “Micro-Hybrid” technology, where the car engine shuts down when the brake is applied, then re-starts instantly when the brake pedal is released.


The car’s battery must be capable of supplying continuous power to all accessories (lights, air-con., stereo, etc.) whilst the engine is off, and still retain enough power to re-start the engine multiple times in a typical urban commute.


No ordinary battery is designed to survive such harsh operating conditions, but then Delkor AGM is no ordinary battery.


The use of AGM batteries by premium-brand car makers has increased in recent years to provide sufficient power for heavy electrical accessory loads (electric-heated seats, etc.), typical of modern luxury vehicles. The addition of Start-Stop systems has placed an even greater demand on the car’s battery. Only batteries designed specifically for this application can be expected to provide acceptable service life in these vehicles.


Delkor AGM batteries are designed to deliver more power by utilising acid-impregnated glass-mat separators compressed tightly between positive and negative plates for more efficient power transfer, both into and out of the battery.


This design enables the battery to deliver more usable power for longer, when compared to a standard wet-cell battery, and importantly, to accept rapid re-charge power from the vehicle charging system when the engine is running (between stops) thus preventing total power depletion from the battery.


Added advantages of AGM design include:-

  • 100% Maintenance-Free
  • Spill and leak-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Longer service life
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stringent Quality Control manufacturing and testing


Demand the best – Demand Delkor AGM for your car – it deserves nothing less.