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Flat Batteries The Leading cause of all Truck Breakdowns

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An extensive, year-long survey into the causes of road transport breakdowns in Australia has revealed the humble battery as the number one offender, accounting for up to one-third of all breakdowns, particularly in later model trucks which typically have more cabin accessories and higher electrical power loads.


R&J Batteries recognised this growing trend early on and decided to be proactive in finding a solution.


Our Hardcore range of heavy-duty commercial batteries has been specifically designed to address the problem of premature battery failures in trucking, logistics and transport applications, particularly long-haul road transport.

Built Tough to go the Distance

The Hardcore range incorporates a number of major performance improvements to handle Australia’s harshest operating conditions.


Hardcore range



  • Significantly thicker positive and negative plates
  • Silver-Calcium plate grids
  • Taller plates, increased surface area
  • Dual Glass-Mat/Envelope separators
  • Hot-Melt Lock-Bonded elements
  • Airtight Inter-cell sealing rings
  • Maintenance-Free in serviceable casing


  • More durable, longer-lasting
  • Highest resistance to heat and corrosion
  • More reserve power for accessories
  • Enhanced cyclic ability and plate integrity
  • Improved vibration resistance
  • Lower self-discharge, stronger joins between cells
  • Safer, lowest water loss, maintainable

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