Long renowned for producing some of the best deep cycle batteries in the world, Fullriver have expanded their range of Sealed Lead Acid batteries to now include a full gel range. As the Australasian/Oceania distributor, R&J Batteries are pleased to be now able to offer this new product throughout Australia.

A gel battery is similar in construction to a traditional AGM battery, but instead of the electrolyte being suspending in a glass mat, silica is added to make it a firmer gel type substance. Whilst the amp hour rating between like for like sized AMG and gel varies in rating, the advantage of a gel battery over an AGM battery are several including… Excellent slow discharge rates Greater efficiency in a very wide temperature ranges, particularly higher ambient temperatures Longer life span, particularly in harsher cycling applications like mobility Better recovery, particularly from lower depth of discharge The Fullriver gel range also shares many features of the features found in their AGM range including Fully sealed, non-spillable case Does not give off gas Calcium lead plates Designed in accordance with IEC 60254-1 Maintenance free High cycle life Low cost per cycle = lower total cost of ownership Rugged construction to be both shock and vibration resistant To learn more about any of the Fullriver range, contact your nearest R&J Batteries store or distributor on 1300 769 282 or visit www.rjbatt.com.au