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Get Back on the Water with ACDelco

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Warmer weather opens the way for more marine and leisure activities across Australia and New Zealand. For adventure enthusiasts looking to take their boats and jet skis out of storage, we recommend checking the state of the batteries within before taking them out on the water. Some batteries may not have lasted the winter, in which case the comprehensive range of marine batteries from ACDelco make a suitable replacement. ACDelco marine batteries are specifically designed to deliver reliable starting power and performance while withstanding the harsh effects of vibration.

The ACDelco M-Series range has recently expanded to include three new and improved marine starting batteries. Developed specifically for marine starting applications, the new range offers increased durability and power even during the toughest conditions. The ACDelco M31SMF1000 battery is a high-capacity marine starting battery which offers increased output for the most demanding marine applications with a rating of 1000CCA. The ACDelco M24SMF680 battery is another high-performance marine starting battery with increased output compared to the current ACDelco M24SMF600 battery. The third addition to the ACDelco is the M27SMF780, which is a more powerful version of the M27SMF750 battery.

In addition to increased CCA’s, enhanced durability and vibration resistance, all batteries in the M-Series range provide a wide variety of other features. They have large intercell connectors which increase reliability and cranking performance, increased capacity and dual terminals (stainless steel stud and SAE post). These batteries are maintenance free which means topping up with water is not required for the lifetime of the battery. The integrated handle allows for comfortable handing and easy portability.

We also carry the ACDelco HCM Series batteries which are designed for use in demanding marine applications as well as other recreational applications such as RVs and SUVs. One of the key features of this range is its hybrid characteristic which enables it to serve as a dual-purpose battery where both starting and repeated cycling are needed. ACDelco HCM marine batteries are built to handle the strain of multiple accessories like satellite navigation devices, fridges, communication devices and other on-board accessories. They are built with lead calcium positive and negative grids which increases durability and are braced internally to cope with high vibration environments. The HCM grids are thicker and contain more active paste material than starting batteries to handle additional cycling requirements.

ACDelco has a proven track record for performance over the last 100 years. ACDelco batteries are globally renowned for quality, reliability and performance. They are laboratory tested, field proven and backed by the automotive giant, General Motors. Visit your local R&J Batteries branch to find the complete range of ACDelco marine batteries.

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