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Grow Your Business with Delkor

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The economic environment in Australia and New Zealand has been challenging over the last few years. High inflation, high interest rates and reduced consumer spending have presented several problems for businesses across the nation. Small businesses, in particular, have been affected the most with some closing down permanently while others are struggling to survive. Auto electrical workshops, parts distributors and battery resellers experiencing slow growth at this time may benefit from joining the Delkor Battery Specialist Program.

Delkor is an award-winning battery brand with a comprehensive range of purpose-built batteries to suit major applications. The range consists of automotive, commercial, marine, deep cycle and lawn mower batteries. R&J Batteries is the exclusive distributor of Delkor products in Australia and New Zealand. We run the popular Delkor Battery Specialist Program with the mission of making Delkor batteries accessible to all in the region. The program assists businesses with increasing sales of Delkor batteries by providing access to a multitude of marketing collateral, tools and resources.

As an established battery distributor with nearly 30 years of experience operating in the battery market, we understand the diverse needs of businesses. The tiered structure of the Delkor Battery Specialist program allows businesses of varying sizes and scales to participate while keeping individual business requirements in mind. After coming onboard as an authorised Delkor Battery Specialist, it will be given a host of benefits such as signage, merchandise, marketing support, stands, equipment and apparel among others.

Marketing plays a crucial role in increasing brand awareness and sales for Delkor Battery Specialists. In addition to shop signage, stockists will be supported with digital marketing and print advertising. “Running digital marketing campaigns and maintaining online visibility requires time and experience which both R&J Batteries and Clarios can offer to our Specialists. Targeted campaigns will generate more traffic to Specialists’ websites through listings on the Delkor website. These digital assets combined with other platforms like industry magazines will ensure that Delkor batteries are top of mind for consumers seeking a quality and reliable battery replacement,” said Leah Cushion, Marketing Manager at R&J Batteries.

Businesses interested in learning more about our Delkor Battery Specialist Program and its suitability for individual business requirements are encouraged to get in touch with their local R&J Batteries branch. For more information about the Delkor battery range, please click the button below.


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