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Hardcore SX2000 20A battery chargers

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Hardcore ChargerOVERVIEW

The HardCore SX2000 Smart battery charger is designed to improve battery performance and extend battery life. It delivers an advanced seven stage charging process, monitored by intelligent electronics with changeable charging profiles to suit different battery chemistries. This automatic charger and maintainer is suitable for all 12V lead acid batteries from 6Ah to 400Ah including AGM, GEL, calcium and maintenance-free.

The HardCore SX2000 is manufactured with buttons and LEDs on incline plane display for the convenience of checking the settings and indicated charging status.

Ideal for long-term maintenance of batteries whose vehicles are irregularly used such as vintage and classic cars, small aircraft, boats and battery powered industrial applications.





Lead Acid
Wet Lead Acid
Maintenance Free


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  • Automatic charger and maintainer suitable for all 12V Lead-Acid batteries
  • 7 stage charging
  • Suited for batteries with a capacity of up to 500Ah
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Will never overcharge battery
  • Short circuit or reverse polarity protection
  • Internal overheat protection
  • Delivered with battery clamp for direct connection to the battery
  • Maximises battery life and performance.




Model: SX200
Type: Smart & Automatic
Input Voltage: 220--240Vac, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: 12V
Output Current: 2/ 10/ 20 A
Output Volt @ No Load: <0.5V
Minimum Start Volt: >2.0V
Size (LxWxH)mm: 220x115x63mm
Net Weight: 1150g
Approval: SAA



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