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Fullriver HC105-12HR

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The Fullriver HC-HR Series battery range features advanced AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology in special heat-resistant casings making them ideal for automotive use, particularly in heavy commercial applications including long-haul road transport, 4WD dual-battery installations, mining and emergency power generation.

Now you really can have the best of both worlds – a spill-proof AGM battery with more cranking power than conventional starting batteries (up to 2000 crank amps for 5 seconds @ 25 deg. C) combined with true deep-cycling capability.

High-purity lead AGM design accepts faster re-charging, providing more useable power than conventional deep-cycle batteries, making the Fullriver HC-HR range the ultimate choice for modern interstate trucks with large-capacity engines and very high accessory power requirements.


Fullriver HC105-12HR


Commercial Road Transport
Buses and Coaches
Earthmoving machinery
Mining machinery
Commercial Marine applications
Standby Diesel Generators
4WD Dual-Battery installations

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  • Non-spillable AGM construction
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Safe for installation inside truck cabins
  • Can be mounted in any direction (excluding upside down)
  • Low internal resistance design – ideal for both starting and cycling
  • High-rate discharge – high current power delivery
  • Deep-discharge with excellent recovery – rapid charge acceptance
  • AGM approved by Worksafe® for use in standby diesel generators
  • High vibration resistance extends life in severe-service applications



Battery Type: VRLA / AGM
Voltage: 12
Cold Cranking Amps -18°C, SAE: 950
Cold Cranking Amps - 0°C SAE: 1100
Reserve Capacity: 200 Min.
Overall Dimensions: L330 x W173 x TH233
Wet Battery Weight: 34.6 Kg
Internal Resistance < 4 milliOhms
Capacity 20 hour rate (5A to 10.5 volts) 105Ah
10 hour rate (9.3A to 10.5 volts) 98Ah
5 hour rate (17.4A to 10.2 volts) 90Ah
Capacity affected by temperature (20 hour rate) 40°C  102%
 25°C  100%
 0°C  85%
 -15°C  65%
Self Discharge (@25C) Capacity after 3 month storage 91%
Capacity after 6 month storage 82%
Capacity after 12 month storage 64%
Max Discharge Current (@25C) 1000A (5 seconds)
Cranking Performance 1100Ca @ 0°C
Cranking Performance 950CCA @ -18°C
Charging (constant voltage) Cycle Initial current 22A or less. 14.4 – 14.7V @ 25°C
Float 13.6 – 13.8V @ 25°C
Container Material / Colour: Special Heat-Resistant ABS / Grey
Lid Type / Colour: Sealed, Valve-Regulated / Grey
Positive Plate Type: Full-Frame
Negative Full-Frame Lead-Calcium
Separator Type: Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
Assembly Layout: 1 (LH Pos)
Terminal Type: Standard SAE
BCI Group 31 AGM