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Predator MFDC27

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R&J / PREDATOR #MFDC27 is an advanced-technology Deep-Cycle battery designed to outperform and outlast rival brands, particularly in high-heat environments.

The no-compromise design featuring 50% thicker, Full-Frame Positive and Negative plates, added Silver, high Tin content and dual glass-mat/envelope separators combine to provide outstanding durability and performance from this accessible maintenance-free battery
At 26 Kg the MFDC27 is up to 25% heavier than rival brand equivalents, a testament to its higher lead content, essential for longer service life in deep-cycle applications.


Predator MFDC27


4WD Dual Battery installations
Trucks – Cabin accessory power
Marine starting & cycling
Caravans (use AGM if mounted inside van)
Remote area power
Portable fridges and lighting
Emergency back-up power supply
Electric fences
12 > 240V inverter power supply

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  • 50% thicker Full-Frame radial grid plates for high-cycle durability
  • Silver-Calcium plates with high tin content – highly resistant to heat and corrosion
  • Patented airtight seals between cells reduce self-discharge and prevent open circuits
  • Microporous envelope separators with glass mat lining – retains active material on plates
  • Lowest water loss in high-heat environments
  • Calcium-Calcium+Silver – Maintenance-Free in accessible casing



Battery Type: Deep-Cycle Maintenance-Free
Voltage: 12
Capacity (@20hr rate): 100
Cold Cranking Amps -18°C, SAE: 680
Reserve Capacity: 160
Overall Dimensions: L303 x W172 x TH225
Wet Battery Weight: 26 Kg
Container Material / Colour: Polypropylene / Black
Lid Type: MF - Accessible under label
Plate Type: Full-Frame Radial Grid Deep-Cycle
Separator Type: Microporous Envelope with Glass Mat lining
Assembly Layout: 1 (LH Positive)
Terminal Type: Dual – SAE & stud
BCI Group / JIS Spec: 27-DC / N70ZZ-DC