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Predator X-Series Batteries

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The Predator X-series batteries are the latest addition to the Predator Motorcycle and Powersport range. The X-series stems from the need to create a more unique, high-end battery for true powersport and motorcycle enthusiasts, who require the most efficient and reliable power for their specialized vehicles. This series of batteries are all constructed with AGM technology, which allows for quick installation with no chance for acid spills or damage to prized equipment. The Predator X-series were built with pure performance in mind and feature superior starting power, high reserve capacity and longer lasting life than traditional motorcycle batteries.


The specialized grid structure of the X-series improves cranking time 10%-20% more than standard battery grids. This gives the batteries advanced starting power, allowing them to start the engine even at a low state of charge. This is beneficial for specialized applications like American Motorcycles and Jet skis that are used only seasonally and whose battery could already be discharged from periods of non-use.


Predator X series


American Motorcycles
Jet Skis
Road Bikes


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  • AGM design & high compression separator
  • 100% leak and spill-proof up to 360°C
  • Battery grid structure improves continuous cranking time 10%-20% more than regular battery grids
  • Advanced starting power; starting the engine even at a low rate of charge
  • Ideal for American style motorcycles and Jet-skis
  • High charging acceptance for absorbing large bursts of electrical energy generated via brake energy recuperation



Part Number Voltage AH CCA Assembly L W H
MX9-4 12 8 125 LHP 150 87 105
MX12-4 12 10 180 LHP 150 87 130
MX14-3 12 12 220 RHP 150 87 145
MX14-4 12 12 220 LHP 150 87 145
MX15-3 12 13 245 RHP 134 89 164
MX15-4 12 13 245 LHP 134 89 164
MX16-3 12 19 350 RHP 175 100 155
MX16-4 12 19 350 LHP 175 100 155
MX18-3 12 20 340 RHP 205 90 162
MX20-3 12 18 310 RHP 176 87 154
MX30-3 12 30 410 RHP 169 131 175

Predator X-series Available now from your local R&J Batteries store or distributor. Contact us today to find out more.


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