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Ride Like a Pro with FUCHS Silkolene Lubricants

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The global market leading manufacturer of lubricants, FUCHS, has presence in over 50 countries including Australia and New Zealand. It has application-specific lubricants for automotive, industrial, mining, agricultural and transport industries. For motorcycle enthusiasts, the globally renowned Silkolene range of lubricants provides all the necessities – performance, power and protection. Developed using the latest lubricant technologies, the FUCHS Silkolene range is the motorcycle oil of choice by leading professional race teams and everyday riders alike. This is why it is also the motorcycle lubricant supplied at all R&J Batteries branches.

The Silkolene range by FUCHS is powered by the latest innovative oil technology - XP Technology. As the market leader, FUCHS makes continuous improvements to its motorcycle oil range using premium base oils and new additive technology to meet the evolving needs in the motorcycle industry. During the development process of XP technology, rigorous testing of different formulations was conducted and compared with competitor motorcycle lubricants in the same type of engines. The results of this research led to the launch of the new and improved FUCHS Silkolene range which offers riders 11% fuel savings, 18% lower oil consumption and 3% increased power.

The FUCHS Silkolene range of motorcycle lubricants includes 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oils to suit all motorcycles. The range is categorised into ‘Super’, ‘Comp’ and ‘Pro’ product lines which range from semi-synthetic to full synthetic ester based oil. Distinction between the different product lines are further supported by the colour-coded front labels which enables customers to make easy and informed decisions when purchasing FUCHS Silkolene motorcycle oils.

In addition to the Silkolene engine oils, the ‘Maintain’ range consists of maintenance oils and lubricants such as coolants, gear oils, brake and clutch fluid, fork oil, chain lube, foam filter treatment and fuel additives. These products are developed specifically to compliment the engine oils and help riders maintain their motorcycle’s performance capabilities.

The complete range of FUCHS Silkolene motorcycle lubricants are available at R&J Batteries. Visit your local branch today or call 1300 769 282 for more information.


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