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R&J Batteries 2018 Calendar – Art by Phil Bowler

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R&J Batteries would like to say a huge thank you to Phil Bowler for creating the amazing caricatures used in this years calendar. The artworks feature some of the fun-loving staff and customers in the R&J Batteries community. Using photos and descriptions Phil was able to perfectly capture their features in his unique caricature style which, all together, make for a very fun and colourful calendar. If you would like a copy head in a request one from your closest store!


More about Phil Bowler:

The owner and artist of MELBOURNE CARICATURES and proud member of the International Society of Caricature Artists.


I started drawing caricatures way back in 1993 after having learnt the craft from my Uncle Fico Molina. I then proceeded to make a living from transforming hundreds of tourists (mainly English and German) into funnier versions of themselves on the Spanish island of Lanzarote (part of the Canary Islands Archipelago).


I have resided in Melbourne since 1999 and create caricatures in a matter of minutes with exceptional likeness. I am an expert in the art of live caricatures and produce ones that are quick, lively, funny and flattering!


If you need a different type of entertainment for your next event, you will LOVE my live drawings as they are real caricatures designed to exaggerate a person’s true features whilst still looking like them!


  • Currently perform live at Southbank on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings
  • Perform at weddings, parties, functions, store openings, bar mitzvahs etc.
  • Assist organisations increase their business at trade shows and exhibitions
  • Have worked in various parts of Europe and South America drawing live caricatures


Check out more of Phil’s work or get in touch to organize your own caricature.
0402 303 615