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Exclusive Distributors of U.S. Battery in Australia & New Zealand

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R&J Batteries continue to grow relationship with U.S. Battery company

For more than 90 years the U.S. Battery Company has been recognised and celebrated as the industry leaders of manufacturing the highest quality deep cycle batteries in the world.


The U.S. Battery company pride themselves on providing the most dependable world-class products to the end user, allowing customers the confidence in their decision when using their range of deep cycle batteries and sealed AGM batteries.


The world-class deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries are proudly 100% made and manufactured in the USA. Featuring Xtreme Capacity™ Formulation and Diamond Plate Technology® U.S. Batteries yield the highest internal capacity, fastest cycle up to rated capacity and the highest total energy delivered over available life.

Exclusive Distributors of U.S. Battery

R&J Batteries & U.S. Battery Company

R&J Batteries are the fasting growing battery company in Australia, we pride ourselves on providing world-leading batteries to the Australian and New Zealand markets, based on extensive research and development.


Our philosophy of always delivering superior products is why U.S. Battery has been in our brand portfolio since 2016. We stock the complete deep cycle range of 6, 8 & 12 volt batteries suitable to power a diverse range of applications.

I am incredibly excited to announce that effective September 1st 2018, R&J Batteries are now the exclusive US Battery distributor for both Australia and New Zealand.

Ray Robson Managing director

U.S. Battery Product Range

U.S. Batteries have been America’s most trusted power source since 1929, manufacturing “true” deep cycle batteries designed specifically for use in golf carts, utility vehicles, floor machines, aerial work platforms and scissor lifts as well as marine applications, recreational vehicles and solar & energy storage.


“U.S. Battery is held in high regard all around the world. Their products are some of the highest quality in the battery industry, and well sought after in what is a very competitive industry. I am delighted that U.S. Battery have provided us with this opportunity.” – Ray Robson Managing director

Flooded lead acid deep cycle batteries utilise unique Xtreme Capacity 2™ formulation with Diamond Plate Technology® which increases initial capacity, higher peak capacity, and improved energy density & specific energy while also enhancing recharge-ability, fortifying plate construction and improving cycles.

Our Distribution Network

Our company owned locations & vast distribution networks across both Australia and New Zealand are made up of experienced industry experts and specialists, committed to delivering outstanding customer service combined with superior products.


The exclusive U.S. Battery range can be found at any of our 20 company owned locations and throughout our network of more than 7000 stockists and distributors. We can guarantee you will find the battery you are looking for!


Join our distribution network! U.S. Battery stockist enquiries are welcome if you are interested in becoming a stockist please contact us for more information.


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