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Predator Automotive

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Predator Automotive

The comprehensive range of Predator automotive batteries covers all popular car makes and models from world renowned brands such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Subaru and Holden among others. Available in both Flooded and AGM options, these batteries provide reliable power without breaking the bank.

Flooded Automotive Batteries

Predator Flooded Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries deliver consistent high performance while providing outstanding value for money. These batteries are produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in South Korea which prioritises quality and performance without compromise.

Features and Benefits of SMF Batteries

  • Highest Purity Fine Grain Lead
    99.9% lead is used to create grids with significantly stronger grain structure and higher resistance to corrosion.
  • Lead Calcium Alloy
    Ensures minimal water loss and low self discharge rate to provide true maintenance free operation.
  • Expanded Grid
    Expanded grids provide improved active material retention and service life.
  • Envelope Separators
    Low resistance envelope separators prevent short circuiting, reduced internal resistance and higher cranking power.
  • Polypropylene Case
    High durability case with integrated handle.
  • Magic Eye Hydrometer
    Indicates the battery’s State of Charge.
  • Centred Cast On Straps
    Shorter power path improves current flow for increased power delivery. Stronger inter-cell joins.


AGM Automotive Batteries

Predator Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are high quality batteries designed for vehicles equipped with Idle Stop Start (ISS) technology. When replacing a battery in a vehicle where the original battery was an AGM, it is critical to replace it with an equivalent AGM battery. Every AGM cell is fitted with a one way valve to ensure optimum performance while allowing the cell to vent if needed. A Predator AGM will deliver significantly longer service life and increased vibration resistance compared to a flooded battery. They can also replace most flooded batteries in applications that require higher performance and durability.


Features and Benefits of AGM batteries

  • VRLA Construction
    No electrolyte leakage from casing or terminals.
  • Highest Purity Lead
    99.9% pure lead is used to ensure excellent corrosion resistance and battery life.
  • Polypropylene Case
    High durability polypropylene case with integrated handle
  • Superior Vibration Resistance
    Compressed AGM design delivers excellent vibration resistance.
  • Low Self Discharge
    Lower self discharge rate extends shelf life.

Find the Best Predator Battery to Power your Car

Predator automotive batteries are exclusively distributed by R&J Batteries and approved stockists across Australia and New Zealand. Contact your local branch to find the right Predator automotive battery for your car.


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