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Predator Commercial

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Predator Commercial

Designed with performance and durability in mind, the Predator Commercial range features heavy duty batteries built for use in trucks, buses, tractors, earthmoving equipment and other heavy duty vehicles. These batteries are suitable for Australia and New Zealand’s harsh operating conditions and can provide up to 1200 CCA. For long distance journeys where power and reliability is paramount, use a Predator Commercial Battery.

Features and Benefits of Predator Commercial Batteries

  • Highest Purity Fine Grain Lead
    99.9% lead is used to create grids with significantly stronger grain structure and higher resistance to corrosion.
  • Lead Calcium Alloy
    Used in positive and negative grids. Ensures minimal water loss, gassing and low self-discharge rate to provide an extended shelf life  and the option for maintenance free operation.
  • Expanded Grids
    Lead calcium expanded grids provide high corrosion resistance, extended shelf life and improved active material retention.
  • Envelope Separators
    Low resistance envelope separators prevent short circuiting, reduced internal resistance and higher cranking power.
  • Polypropylene Case
    High durability case with integrated handle. 
  • Magic Eye Hydrometer
    Indicates the battery’s State of Charge.
  • Centred Cast On Straps
    Shorter power path improves current flow for increased power delivery. Stronger inter-cell joins.

Fit-to-purpose batteries

The Predator range of batteries was introduced by R&J Batteries to fill gaps in the Australian and New Zealand battery market. With less emphasis on performing in the extreme cold, like some European battery brands, Predator’s focus was on providing long lasting reliability and longevity over many kilometres. The Predator Commercial range allowed R&J Batteries to source batteries that reliably powered heavy duty vehicles across industries like transport, mining and earth moving.


Fit for purpose batteries

The Predator commercial range of batteries was introduced to provide a solution for the toughest vehicles working in the toughest Australian conditions.  The Predator commercial range has been selected to deliver dependable performance in the most demanding industries including transportation, mining & earth moving.

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