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Predator Marine

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Predator Marine Batteries

Predator Marine batteries are dual purpose meaning they can both start the engine and power accessories. These batteries are designed to withstand high levels of vibration, and feature improved corrosion resistance and marine style dual terminals, which makes them perfect for boats and other applications where starting and mild cycling is required.

Flooded Marine Batteries

Choose Predator Flooded Marine batteries for unlimited fun on the water. Predator Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries are designed for marine applications which require the latest battery technology.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest Purity Fine Grain Lead
    99.9% lead is used to create grids with significantly stronger grain structure and higher resistance to corrosion. 
  • Lead Calcium Alloy

    Ensures minimal water loss and low self discharge rate to provide true maintenance free operation.

  • Expanded Grids

    Expanded grids provide improved active material retention and service life.

  • Envelope Separators
    Low resistance envelope separators prevent short circuiting, reduced internal resistance and higher cranking power. 
  • Polypropylene Case
    High durability case with integrated handle. 
  • Magic Eye Hydrometer
    Indicates the battery’s State of Charge. 
  • Centred Cast On Straps
    Shorter power path improves current flow for increased power delivery. Stronger inter-cell joins.

AGM Marine Batteries

Most of the Predator ED range can be used within the marine environment, depending on application. Kayak enthusiasts can use the ED1290 or ED12120 to run equipment like fish finders or those with small trolling motors can use the ED12350 or ED12480. The ED12850/PDC100/PDC120 can be used on medium-large boats as house batteries then all the way up to the ED12260 being used as house batteries on large boats and yachts.

A lot is required from AGM marine cycling batteries. They need to have the ability to withstand the harsh conditions of the sea, constant wave pounding and engine vibration all while ensuring there is no interruption to your power delivery. The Predator AGM ED range of batteries can handle these tasks with ease. They utilise thicker, full frame grids which are designed to withstand deep discharging. The ED range is available from 9ah to 260ah sizes.

Power your adventures on the water with Predator 

Reliability on water is just as important as it is on land. Choose a purpose built marine battery for optimal performance and a hassle free experience. Get in touch with the battery experts today to find the right Predator Marine battery for your application.

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