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Predator AGM ES Series Receives CSIRO ActivFire Approval

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After undergoing rigorous testing, R&J Batteries is excited to announce that our Predator AGM ES series of batteries has recently been approved under the CSIRO ActivFire Scheme and is listed in the Register of Fire Protection Equipment. The new certification translates to increased consumer assurance and peace of mind knowing that the Predator AGM ES range meets the stringent requirements of the ActivFire accreditation process.

The ActivFire Scheme is a third-party nationally recognised product certification program that verifies a producer’s attestation of conformity to standards and specifications. The objectives of the CSIRO ActivFire Scheme for certification and listing of fire protection equipment includes the following outcomes:


  • To verify the conformity of equipment through physical testing and appraisal to relevant and endorsed standards and specifications
  • To verify and recognise approvals and certifications by other national and international bodies.
  • To provide an effective and transparent mechanism for appraisal, testing, certification and listing of emerging and new technologies in the field of active fire protection equipment and systems.
  • To provide reference documentation and information which supports the various building regulation and authority requirements for "Evidence of Suitability" for equipment used in building construction.
  • To maintain a continuing process that provides means by which the conformity of changes to products can be submitted and verified.
  • To maintain a Register of Fire Protection Equipment to publicly list products which meet established reference criteria for listing.


Batteries installed in the fire industry must be compliant with AS4029.2 which requires them to be Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) and maintenance-free. VRLA batteries such as the Predator AGM ES range of products have no chance of electrolyte loss from the casing or terminals thus making them clean, corrosion-free and most importantly, safe. Learn more about the Predator range here.