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Predator Deep Cycle Leisure Batteries

Many in Australia and New Zealand have taken up the caravan and camping lifestyle in recent years. Whether you are planning to do a full lap or visit a nearby attraction, a reliable battery for your leisure application is a must. The Predator Deep Cycle battery range consists of a number of different battery types to suit different lifestyle needs and power requirements. Power your next adventure with Predator.

Flooded Leisure Batteries

The Predator Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) deep cycle range is ideal for those who want to travel without spending a fortune on a battery. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of a caravan and camping without compromising on peace of mind. Avoid being left without power by fitting your camper or caravan with a Predator deep cycle battery.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest Purity Fine Grain Lead
    99.9% lead is used to create grids with significantly stronger grain structure and higher resistance to corrosion.
  • Lead Calcium Alloy
    Ensures minimal water loss and low self discharge rate to provide true maintenance free operation.
  • Expanded Grids

    Expanded grids provide improved active material retention and service life.

  • Envelope Separators
    Low resistance envelope separators prevent short circuiting, reduced internal resistance and higher cranking power.
  • Polypropylene Case
    High durability case with integrated handle.
  • Magic Eye Hydrometer
    Indicates the battery’s State of Charge.
  • Centred Cast On Straps
    Shorter power path improves current flow for increased power delivery. Stronger inter-cell joins.

AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Predator AGM deep cycle batteries are ideal for recreational and leisure applications where reliability is paramount. These batteries have thicker, full frame grids made of high purity lead. The VRLA construction also lends to a low self discharge rate for longevity and reliability when power thirsty appliances are in use. Predator AGM deep cycle batteries are available in 9ah to 260ah sizes to suit a wide range of leisure applications and power requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • VRLA Construction
    No electrolyte leakage from casing or terminals.
  • Maintenance Free Operation
    No need to check or add water. Efficient operation in any orientation except inverted.
  • Low Self Discharge

    Lower self discharge rate extends shelf life.

  • Highest Purity Lead

    99.9% pure lead is used to ensure excellent corrosion resistance and battery life.

  • High Strength ABS Casing
    Designed to withstand elevated operating temperatures and maintain high battery cell compression, essential for reliable operation in AGM batteries.

Predator Lithium Batteries

The Predator Lithium range has been developed for those needing a high-quality power solution for their leisure, industrial or solar applications. The range includes the PLI12-100BT with a capacity of 100 Amp Hours (Ah) along with the larger PLI12-135BT which has a capacity of 135Ah

These 12V deep cycle batteries are packed with several features making them a serious contender in the growing lithium battery space. Among the different types of lithium battery chemistries available in the market, LiFePO4 batteries such as Predator Lithium are well regarded for safety and stability.

Features and Benefits

  • Longer Life
    Over 3500 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge
  • Fast RechargeThe Higher charge acceptance of LiFePO4 technology allows for safe and efficient recharging
  • LightweightPredator Lithium batteries are around 60% lighter than equivalent AGM batteries
  • Integrated Battery Management SystemThe Integrated BMS ensures the Predator LiFePOBatteries are safe and stable
  • Bluetooth AppDownload the app to check real time battery information such as battery status, voltage, State of Charge (SoC), temperature and individual cell voltage.
  • Greater Usable CapacityCompared to lead acid batteries which can only discharge to 50%, Predator lithium can be discharged using its full capacity

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Choose Predator to power your next adventure

Extend your camping holiday with a Predator deep cycle battery fitted in your leisure application. Not sure if you need a Flooded, AGM or Lithium battery? Discuss your unique power requirements with the battery experts at your local R&J Batteries branch today.

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